Girl behind the Blog.


Why hello there beautiful stranger! Welcome to my wordpress blog, where I will ramble about all the things that tickle my fancy — perhaps they will tickle yours too?

I am 25 years of age. The daughter of forgotten kings. A full-time enthusiast of everything Japanese, button mashing, dragons, creating YouTube videos, watching Parks and Recreation and Rick and Morty religiously, you know, the usual. But why is it that I am here on wordpress you ask? Let me share my story with you.

I was never the girl that fit in. I did in school, very well actually, but that is only because I hid the person I really was from everyone because I was so afraid of not being liked for who I was (not to mention I was also on the heavier side and VERY self-conscious so that didn’t help my non-existent self-esteem). At a young age I developed an interest in Japanese culture (Thank you Utada Hikaru) and it became a big part of my life. Nobody understood why and because of that I was made fun of for it (People often make fun of things they don’t understand).

I played video games all the time when I was little, and even more so as I got older because it gave me another world to escape to. Writing also helped me immensely, I loved to write stories and create characters that embodied all of the characteristics I wish I had. With this blog I hope to meet many people and share all of my love for nerd culture as a whole. ♡


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